Germs Kids Germs Leggings Stop The Spread Leggings With Message


stop germs leggingsAvailable in 6 different sizes. Made of  88% polyester, 12% elastane. An elastic waistband and  stretchy knit fabric allows for easy movement.  For in-between sizes, choose the larger size. This product is machine washable.

In the wake of corona virus people need reminding that simply covering their cough or sneeze can help diminish the spread of germs. Comfortable fit as it hugs the body . Be a Hero and help save lives as you remind others to cover their cough. Purchase now while supplies last.





covi 19Stop spread germs kids germs leggings. These leggings will remind  others to cover their cough. This will in turn  help to diminish the spread of germs thereby allowing everyone to live long lives. Everyone knows that the practice of good hygiene is essential for every day living but too often many people forget or just neglect to do their part.

So we have to remind them of what’s at risk when they don’t wash their hands, when they refuse to cover their sneezes, their coughs and just stop caring. It did not have to take a corona outbreak for people to do what they have to do health wise.

This germ kids germs leggings piece is written to remind others that we need to do better and can do better. Germs and viruses kill. Stopping the spread of germs is everyone’s business and so every one needs to work together to ensure that everyone is safe .

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polyester, stretchy fabric, machine washable, 6 different sizes


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