international charity dayCharity And What This Is All About

“Charity begins at home but it should not end there.” When you donate on this site you help us with our charity endeavors; You help us make available at a lesser cost food items and other goods for those who are fighting to make ends meet and also causes out there who are making a difference.  As a way of saying thanks,  you have the freedom of choosing any item that is  shipped directly from this site at no extra charge. It will be shipped to your mailing address.

We hope that you will donate $25 or more and select your choice of item as a thankyou.  After donating through the donate button, send an email along with your name,  the name of the food, snack item you want , or product, your mailing address, and a copy of your paypal receipt. We will do our best to satisfy your request however, in the unlikely event that whatever you choose is unavailable;  we shall notify you through email or text which ever you prefer and allow you to  choose something else.


Remember you can only select an item that ships from the tshirtpotandmore. You can also  place your order just like you would a regular order  and select the $25 shipping. Currently, we only use paypal  for all transactions so if you do not have paypal you can open an account with them by clicking

To date, Daystar, StJudes Children, Safehorizon and (in the past) Amnesty International are causes we support (ed). As time goes by, we are hoping to expand our list and believe that with your help we will be able to do more.

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There are many ways in which you can give to charity without a screen. One way is by donating your time and skills as an individual volunteer. You could also volunteer with a charity of your choice. Another way is by donating money. You can donate money to charities that you support or that are close to home through direct debit, standing order or regular donation from your salary.

When it comes to giving, whether it’s through financial donations or donating free time by volunteering, it can be controversial. In general, people believe that they need to be in a certain financial situation before they are able to donate money. However, giving money when you have the capacity is important because there could still be others who give in this way and are just not as fortunate as you are.

It’s not that you shouldn’t save money first but, you shouldn’t wait until some emergency happens and only then decide to donate – no cause wants charity that is given by desperation.


Donations encourage the meaning of community and contribute to the development of the world. Donating money or items not only helps those in need but also increases the happiness and satisfaction of giver.

Charity is a torch that strives to light and warm every man’s heart. If you are not actively lighting that torch, someone else will, until there is nothing left for you to claim as your own, no one left for you to call your kin.” Reverend Henry Ward Beecher

There are ways for everyone to do their part – donate wisely because without choosing a side there’s no ending to this charade!” Unknown

If you are looking for a way to help the needy and make a difference then, donating online is definitely the way to go. But before you donate, be sure to know where your money will go. You can request that your donations go to a cause that’s close to your heart if possible. If you want your donation to be specifically allocated for disaster relief then make sure that the charity or organization accepts online donations.
It is important to know how much time it takes for your donation to reach its destination. If you want your donation to have an impact as soon as possible and if you’re not sure which of the charity’s programs can be most useful for the beneficiaries, give them the money they need to buy basic food and supplies.