About Us

The Tshirtpotandmore was created to help those we can help. Free shipping is available when Patrons purchase 20 or more units mix or match.  In this times, not everyone has access to lesser priced good quality goods and we have found a way to get these goods to you through mail order. Although we are not a charity; still, we are all about making a difference. We know it’s hard for some people to donate and have figured out a way with no extra cost to the buyer that everyone can participate. We’ve read the comments of many who purchased elsewhere . Some complain that products elsewhere are sky-high  and there’s good reason for that. First of all, when it comes to setting the price Sellers do not have the final say. Sure they can set a price a few pennies lower than the same product already on sale but, that’s how far they can go with pricing. Sellers also have monthly subscription fees, stocking fees, shipping,(shipping these products to elsewhere  is not cheap). And as per  instructions all products are not shipped to one warehouse but multiple warehouses-sometimes 3 or more different warehouses in different states.) Sellers also have advertising and other fees that they are responsible for; so that explains the high pricing of products. Shipping and handling charges are set by USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL. (This we do not have no control over). We don’t have an issue with FREE shipping provided a minimum of 20 units are purchased. Bundles or  packs count as 1 unit.  Lets do business together and help some causes. Currently, we support causes like StJudes Children, Daystar, Safe Horizon and Amnesty International. You can see proof on our charity page. Click charity. We would like to support more and can do it with your continued support. You can either donate or shop here Tshirtpotandmore. Some products can only be purchased directly from Amazon . Not all product purchases happen on the Tshirtpotandmore. Unless otherwise specified; you should be able to purchase most items  here on the Tshirtpotandmore.com. Whether you shop here or through this site; you will be helping us help as many charities and causes out there. Thanks!